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What do we do?


We invest in the development of social and environmental companies across various stages.


We provide strategic support, mentorship and business development to social entrepreneurs in México and Latin America.

Ecosystem Building

We promote social and environmental companies, as well as the industries in which they operate.

Advisory Services

We support investors through deep market insight, on-the-ground presence, and access to extensive partner networks.

Hear from our entrepreneurs

Retrato de Ximena Mora
"New Ventures definitely made a lasting impact in the history of Rayito de Luna. Being a part of one of its acceleration programs, Momentum 2017, changed our vision of the business world and the most valuable thing was recognizing ourselves as social entrepreneurs."
Ximena Mora, Rayito de Luna
Juan José Asensio
"Being part of I3 LATAM opened our horizons to new levels and bigger dreams. The energy of the ecosystem is one of the most inspiring experiences I've had both as an entrepreneur and as a person. Feeling the support of the New Ventures team makes me feel appreciated and invincible."
Juan José Asensio, 1bot
Pipo Reiser
"Participating in the program I3 Latam with New Ventures has been an enriching experience. New Ventures is a great network where you can easily connect with the different players of the impact ecosystem and overall create value through those relations. New Ventures has helped us scale our impact."
Pipo Reiser, Sinba